Jewett, TX

Two (2) Spiraflo Clarifiers

At Jewett, TX, a Spiraflo Clarifier has been in operation since 1978, running 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.  After very little maintenance and the ease of operation over 28 years, a second Spiraflo Clarifier was installed in 2005.


Oswego, IL

Raptor  Wash Press

At Oswego, IL, the Raptor  Wash Press, which compacts and dewaters wet screenings in a two-stage, single-screw process, saves $675/week in disposal fees.


Frankfort, MI

Four (4) Magna Rotors, Baffles and Covers, Two (2) Weirs, Two (2) Spiraflos and Two (2) Telescoping Valves

At Frankfort, MI, the Bestie Lake Utility Authority (BLUA) chose Lakeside for the addition of a second ditch, allowing the Closed Loop Reactors (CLR) to run in series operation for phosphorus removal.


Guilderland, NY

Two (2) Spiraflo Clarifiers and Full Surface Skimming

At Guilderland, NY, the Spiraflo Clarifier significantly reduces floating materials and uses additional Motorized Full Surface Skimming in each clarifier tank.


Pinconning, MI

Two (2) Open Screw Pumps, One (1) Micro Strainer, One (1) E.A. Aerotor Plant with Four (4) Magna Rotors, Covers and Baffles, Two (2) Hinged Plate Weirs, Two (2) Spiraflo Clarifiers and One (1) Tertiary Spiraflo

At Pinconning, MI, the E.A. Aerotor Plants perform as needed despite Michigan's bitter winters and the addition of septage.

Clinton, MS

Two (2) Open Screw Pumps, Closed Loop Reactor (CLR) Process, Eight (8) Magna Rotors, Rotor Covers and Baffles, Four (4) Rotating Plate Weirs, Two (2) Spiraflo Clarifiers

At Clinton, MS, Lakeside equipment was chosen because it is "operator-friendly" and logs less labor and maintenance time than other equipment at the plant. 


Bloomington, IN

Raptor  Wash Press

At Bloomington, IN, the Raptor  Wash Press compacts and dewaters wet screenings in a two-stage, single-screw process, reducing screenings by more than 50 percent.


Wheaton, IL

Raptor Septage Acceptance Plant with 47" Raptor Fine Screen

At Wheaton, IL, the Septage Acceptance Plant's automated access controls, flow measurement and invoicing minimizes administrative hours and unloading time, drawing more haulers and creating cost paybacks.  Haulers favor the quick and easy operation to process loads faster, and operators prefer the dependable unit for its minimal maintenance


Snow Hill, NC

Raptor Fine Screen, Aeroductor, Grit Classifier, Four (4) Magna Rotors, Rotor Covers and Baffles, Two (2) Hinged Plate Weirs, Two (2) Spiraflo Clarifiers, Full Surface Skimmers

At Snow Hill, NC, oxygen levels are controlled with biological nutrient removal and  Lakeside's Closed Loop Reactor (CLR) process oxydizes organic carbon compounds, while converting ammonia nitrogen to nitrates.  Wastewater is further processed through two Spiraflo Clarifiers before returning to the CLR.

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