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With hundreds of installations in operation, the Lakeside Raptor®  Fine Screen is proven screening technology. This unique in-channel bar screen not only screens wastewater but washes, compacts and transports the screenings.


As liquid flows through the screening basket, solids are trapped by the screen bars that form the circular basket. When liquid rises to a predetermined level, the rake begins to rotate, cleaning the screen bars.  The rake's teeth pass between the bars of the screen to remove captured materials. When the rake reaches the top of the screen, the captured material drops into the central screw conveyor. For complete cleaning, the rake reverses direction and passes through a comb. The central screw conveyor then transports the material as it is washed, compacted and dewatered on its way to the discharge chute. After discharge, dewatered screenings have a solids content exceeding 40 percent.


Screenings are initially washed as they are deposited in the collection trough. In the upper section of the transport tube, screenings are washed a second time. The macerating action of the screw breaks down large organic particles, which are then washed back into the flow stream. A spray wash system in the dewatering chamber removes any collected material to ensure free drainage of water, which is then removed in the compaction process.


The Raptor®  Fine Screen will fit your needs with a screen diameter of 26 to 71 inches and maximum flow capacities higher than 20 mgd.


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