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Lakeside Screw Pumps are an efficient means of lifting large quantities of water or wastewater at low heads. For municipal wastewater treatment plants, screw pumps offer a variety of applications, ranging from return activated sludge to stormwater pumping. These pumps are widely accepted by engineers because of their proven design and trouble-free operation. Since 1969, there have been more than 1,200 screw pump installations. 


The open screw pump, which is patterned after the Archimedean screw, consists of a tube with spiral flights set in an incline trough.  Placed in a concrete, semi-circular “open” trough, the open screw pump can be placed at an angle of inclination from 22° to 40°.  Each element in the pump’s construction is simple and basic in design, meaning easy maintenance at your plant.


Our enclosed screw pumps utilize the same principles as open pumps, but are enclosed in a tube.  The Type C Enclosed Screw Pump has two convoluted flights that are welded to the rotating outer tube while the lower bearing is mounted above water level.  Inclinations are available of 38° or 45°. 


The Type S Enclosed Screw Pump is an Open Pump operating within an outer stationary tube.  The top of the tube may be fixed or mounted to a pivot joint, allowing the lower end to be raised.  This pivot design may also be used at varying flow rates.


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