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Hydropower is a source of renewable, clean energy for the world’s population. According to the REN21 report in 2015, 16.6% of the world’s electricity is generated by hydropower plants1. Using our natural water ways to generate power means there needs to be processes in place to clean the water from floating debris, leaves and trash before it enters the plant.

Lakeside Equipment is helping Hydropower facilities around the world with our Muhr Hydronic trash rakes and cable Catronic trash rakes. Our equipment is tailored to each plants operations whether it is a new installation or retrofitting existing racks. Trust Lakeside Equipment to help you effectively clean intake waterways and keep your hydropower plants operating efficiently.


  • Above water accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Flexible design configurations
  • Sized to meet your operational requirements

References: (1) Renewable Energy Policy Network: Renewables 2016 Global Status Report

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