Hydraulically operated telescoping trash rake

Clean bar screens, trash racks and intake screens at wastewater treatment plants, storm water facilities and water intake structures with Hydronic T Series Trash Rake. Telescoping designs are available with single and multiple sections to fit your operational needs. Since the rake mechanism is independent from the bar rack, the Hydronic T Rake does not require guides, sprockets or chains and has the ability to clean at rack inclinations up to 90-degrees. All moving parts can be accessed from above the channel for ease of operation and maintenance.

Whether choosing the stationary or traversing rake, the Hydronic T can withstand the toughest applications plants have to offer.


  • Design flexibility for new and retrofit applications
  • No guides, sprockets or chains are required resulting in low wear operations
  • Rack inclinations up to 90 degrees to maximize available space
  • Multiple telescoping sections to expand reaching capabilities of the rake
  • Adjustable pressure on the screen for optimal cleaning and minimize wear
  • Ease of maintenance with all components above the water surface in the standby position
  • Greater lifting capacities compared to other screens
  • Galvanized or stainless steel construction