Single Basin Complete Biological Treatment and Sedimentation Process

A cost-effective solution for your biological treatment process, the Lakeside Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) provides superior performance and consistent high quality effluent. The fully automated system treats raw wastewater flow in a single basin using timed based phases to fill, mix, aerate, settle, decant and waste sludge. The two types of processes available are the conventional Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) and the Continuous “feed” Sequencing Batch Reactor (CSBR).

The SBR incorporates diffused aeration with mixers to provide excellent mixing and aeration for high oxygen transfer. The innovative designed decanter minimizes decanting intervals while extending the biological process time. The resultant clear water discharges without foam or floating scum.

The CSBR process is a continuous feed system that enhances the superior technology of the conventional SBR. The CSBR system allows raw wastewater to continuously flow into the reactor basin during the treatment cycles including during the settling and decanting phase. A baffle wall prevents short-circuiting as the flow travels from the reactor’s pre-react zone and equally distributes the flow into the main react zone where aeration, settling and decanting occur.


  • Compact design reduces the treatment plant’s overall footprint
  • Eliminates external clarifiers and return activated sludge pumping
  • Modular design accommodates future expansion
  • Integrated control and instrumentation for optimal process operation