Raptor® Fine Screen

Unlike conventional bar screens, the Raptor® Fine Screen’s characteristic cylindrical screenings basket, angled installation and screen bars of varied heights increase removal efficiency and minimize headloss. The Raptor® Fine Screen’s rotating rake teeth fully penetrates the cylindrical screen bars, positively removing debris and grease to prevent blinding or plugging. Captured screenings are compacted, dewatered and washed free of most organic materials to approximately 40 percent solids. Volume is reduced by 50 percent and weight by 67 percent, resulting in reduced disposal costs.


  • All stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Screens, washes, compacts and dewaters solids in one unit, reducing disposal cost
  • Fully penetrating rake teeth prevent plugging and blinding
  • 3-plane screenings basket minimizes headloss
  • Dual spray wash system returns organic material to the wastewater flow
  • Simple design with a single drive minimizes maintenance cost
  • Tank mounted screens are available