Enclosed Screw Pumps

Enclosed Screw Pumps provide the same pumping capability as Open Screw Pumps but are encased within a tube rather than sitting in an open trough. Lakeside Equipment is the only manufacturer who offers two different types of Enclosed Screw Pumps.

  • Type S Enclosed Screw Pump operates inside a stationary tube. The top of the stationary tube may be fixed or mounted on a pivot to allow raising the lower end to vary the pumping rate. Similar to the Open Screw, the angle of inclination ranges from 22 to 40 degrees.
  • Type C Enclosed Screw Pump has an outer rotating tube with welded internal flights. With the lower bearing mounted above the water level, the pump is capable of higher lifts than an Open Screw Pump. This pump has a maximum inclination of 45 degrees resulting in a smaller overall footprint.


  • No trough means less concrete for the screw pump structure
  • No grouting required reducing installation costs
  • Pivot feature of Type S Pump eases lower bearing maintenance and repair
  • Smaller horizontal footprint for Type C Pump with inclination of 45-degrees
  • Type C Pump is 5 to 10 percent more efficient than the Open Screw Pump
  • Ideal and cost-effective "drop in" replacement for other, less reliable designs.


Enclosed Screw Pumps