Full Surface Skimming

The peripheral-feed design significantly captures floating material in the clarifier’s outer skirt. This process may require full surface skimming to remove material in the main settling area. There are two types of full surface skimmers available:

The Motorized Full-Surface Skimmer extends the full width of the clarifier surface, from the effluent trough scum baffle to the outer race skirt. A drive assembly rotates the skimmer arm to clean the clarifier surface, and a hinged blade suspended from the skimmer arm pushes floating material to a rotating scum trough for removal.

The Full-Surface Ducking Skimmer is an economical alternative to the Motorized Full-Surface Skimmer. The full surface skimmer, which is supported by the clarifier’s scraper arms, moves the floating material to the scum trough for removal. The skimmer supports are hinged to allow the skimmer to duck underneath the scum trough during the removal process.


  • Efficiently remove scum and floating materials from the water surface
  • Motorized skimmer provides a more thorough cleaning of the entire surface
  • Ducking skimmer is an economical choice