Structural and Mechanical Integrity

The Magna Rotor Aerator provides oxygen to the biological mass and mixes the microorganisms uniformly to prevent solids from settling in a biological treatment system. With excellent mixing capabilities, the Magna Rotor makes it possible to sustain high concentrations of microorganisms so that variations in organic loading and shock loads are easily absorbed by the system. The wide range of oxygen transfer allows the plant operator maximum flexibility to match the demand of the system. With the proper combination of speed and blade immersion, optimum performance can be maintained to match virtually any condition. Oxygen enrichment efficiency is further enhanced by the flow control baffles. Optimum performance of the Magna Rotor offers reliable operation, high efficiency and the lowest operating power cost throughout the life of the equipment.

Fiberglass rotor covers are available to contain mist and spray without restricting the performance of the Magna Rotor Aerators. Besides ensuring a clean working environment for the plant operator, the fiberglass covers reduce heat loss during winter operation. The rotor covers include hinged panel sections for easy access to inspect the rotor assembly.


  • Efficient oxygen transfer capability
  • Wide range of oxygen transfer for maximum flexibility
  • Reliable operation – built to withstand harsh environments
  • Stainless steel blades produce greater stiffness and rigidity to take impact loads without deformation
  • Easy access for maintaining the equipment