Open Screw Pumps

The open screw pump consists of a spiral screw, upper and lower bearings and a drive assembly. It pumps liquid in a semi-circular open trough permitting both simplicity and reliability. These screw pumps can be placed in either concrete or steel troughs at an angle of inclination ranging from 22 to 40 degrees.

The screw pump’s sealed lower bearing can be designed with a long lasting sleeve bearing and integrated grease lubricating system or a permanently greased lubricated roller bearing that can minimize maintenance. These self-aligning bearing assemblies are designed for continuous or intermittent operation in submerged or non-submerged conditions.


  • Variable pumping capacity without the need for special controls
  • 70 to 75% efficient for two-thirds of the screw pump’s operating capacity
  • Non-clogging requiring no pre-screening
  • Minimal maintenance with few moving parts and slow operating speeds
  • Installation does not require a wet well, unlike other pumps on the market
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